Hello and welcome to BBQ Rescue. Your One Stop Mobile BBQ Service. BBQ Rescue is a mobile service that comes to you, saving you time and hassle of looking for suitable bbq parts and then finding the right person to complete the job. We are the specialists in bbq cleaning, bbq service, bbq maintenance and bbq repair. With a combined industry experience exceeding twenty five years, there is not much we don't know about barbecues.


BBQ Rescue is Sydney's original and best mobile barbecue service. We have  been proudly rescuing Sydney sider's barbecues since the year 2000. BBQ Rescue is a family owned and operated business. All the team at BBQ Rescue from office staff to our team of field technician's pride themselves on having a high degree of technical knowledge and excellence in customer care. We are passionate about our business and dedicated to providing a high level of service from the initial contact through to the completion of the job - whether its a full bbq clean or a simple bbq repair ,we take pride in our service. BBQ Rescue is number ONE in Sydney for mobile bbq repair bbq cleaning and bbq maintenance.

Centrally located we cover most areas of Sydney and we will come to you.



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Barbecue Safety Tips

Emergency dial 000

  • If you are using your barbecue for the first time, take some time to read your bbq manual.  It should always be operated in accordance with  the manufacturers specifications.  
  • If you have to cure your new bbq plates and grills don't saturate with cooking oil as this  can catch alight. You only need to lightly cover the surface. Use a low to medium heat for 15 to 20 minutes with the hood up.
  • Always keep your drip tray clean, don't let excess oil build up as this can result in a fat fire.
  • Beware of using kitty litter in the drip tray, most kitty litters are flammable. Always use a bbq approved product.
  • Barbecues are for outdoor use only - never use a bbq indoors.
  • When choosing a position for your barbecue ensure the area is well ventilated with adequate clearance around the barbecue and also enough clearance above the barbecue.
  • When connecting a LP gas cylinder make sure all fittings are connected firmly. This is also a good time to check the condition of the hoses and fittings. Use soapy water on a cloth or in a spray bottle to test for gas leaks. If you do detect a gas leak do not use the bbq until repaired.
  • Never store LP gas bottles laying on their side or in direct sun. Gas bottles should be stored and used in the upright position, preferably in a well ventilated and shady area. Do not store or use LP gas bottles indoors.
  • If you are new to barbecuing and are not confident to use the bbq don't be afraid to ask for some professional help. Barbecues can be very dangerous when used incorrectly.
  • Children and barbecues are not a good mix, best to keep the kids at a safe distance.
  • If you live in a high-rise complex check with the building management or your local fire department to see if you are permitted to have a gas barbecue on the balcony.
  • People who have experienced a bbq fire are very careful the second time around. They put in place one or more fire extinguishers and even a fire blanket and are prepared if the worst happens. As the saying goes hindsight is a wonderful thing.

Information regarding total fire bans and for more barbecue safety tips go to.

Barbecue Cleaning and Service when we clean your bbq we also service the bbq.

Does your barbecue look like it has seen better days?  Before you go and spend money to replace it call the team at BBQ Rescue. If you regularly entertain then a clean barbeque is a must, not only will it look good, it will run and perform to its optimum level.  A clean cooking surface is essential for hygiene and health.

With year's of bbq cleaning experience, we vary the cleaning method to suit your bbq and the materials it is constructed from. The team at BBQ Rescue regularly review and improve these methods to ensure we are the best at barbecue cleaning. We do not use pressure jets, ( which make a lot of mess )  or use large amounts of water which and can damage your bbq.

When you book a bbq clean with BBQ Rescue, we also service your bbq. This is the ideal time to check for any problems such as gas leaks . Our senior technicians have many years experience in service and repair and we carry replacement parts suitable for most BBQ's . Our brilliant biodegradable cleaning agent coupled with the BBQ Rescue cleaning method, will make your  bbq will look and operate at its best . 


Barbecue Repair and Maintenance

From a simple bbq burner replacement to a full barbecue makeover we do it all. Our service technicians are highly trained and qualified in gas barbecue repair and service. We carry a large stock of parts including bbq ignitions, cast iron burners, stainless steel burners, rock trays, hot plates, bbq grills, ceramic tiles, control knobs, gas cocks, bbq fascia, bbq manifolds, volcanic rock, bbq covers and barbeque accessories all at very competitive prices. What's more we bring it to you. That is why we say BBQ Rescue is Your One Stop Mobile BBQ Service.


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